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Arne Everts was born in Amsterdam in the year of 1982. He was the son of a graphic designer and as a young kid his father used their basement as his working space. It was filled with all the pre-computer age graphic designer goods a man could dream of. The back of the basement was a construction-work space with all the hand tools at his disposal. One of his father's rules was: you can use all my tools as long as you place them back where you found them.

On the vacations during his youth, Arne's father always brought all kinds of materials to work with; such as black book, aquarel paper, paint, pens, brushes, tool chest to be creative with - whether it was painting on stones or creating original constructions out of beachcombed artifacts to manu-facture something completely new out of something old.

In the wake of 9-11-2001, the painting of slats on old news papers. Due to the moisture of the paint, the floor covering news paper waved and got stuck to the drying paint. The next day he tried to sandpaper the paper off but, it didn't work so, he tried to clean it with water.

And it was that very moment when Arne had discovered his innovative printing technique. Being so eager to explore his new-found artistic expresion, he started with old newspapers and rest pieces of wood, testing paper and canvas.

On October 2, 2002 Arne's father passed away after a battle with cancer. Arne felt blessed when he inherited his father's papers from his personal paper image archive along with his father's tools and materials.

From denying to vandalize your property to thinking art history has anything to do with being an artist. Art history is there for information and inspiration, but not for education about being an artist.

It can only educate you about previous artists' art and art flows. In the end mainly to aggravate you, that mono colored canvases and peanut butter floors are now considered art. Art is merely the perception of ones mind, to like or not to like. That is an old question that is answered all the time by your subconsciousness.

Arne's first art piece

Growing up in cities such as Amsterdam, is like living in a museum. One thing Arne advises is to look up and that is where you can see the architecture, of which can be an inspiration.